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Gare au vent !

Watch out for the wind !


Mot de la semaine: Gare au vent! 

Most people  know that  « gare » preceded by « la » is the word for “ train station” yet, when Kate got off the plane in windy Wellington, there wasn’t a train in sight but French papers headlined with « Gare au vent ! »

« La gare » was originally the safe section on a railway line for one train allowing another train to pass.  By extension this became the warning word advising someone to  «se garer », or go to that safe place.  By further extension « gare » became the “watch out”  word for any situation that could produce unfortunate consequences.

«Gare au soleil ! »  beware of the sun, «Gare au chien !»  watch out for the dog and  «Gare au vent !»  be careful of the wind for Kate.  «sans crier gare» obviously means without warning