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La Fête des Roses

The Saint's Day for Rose

  1. La Fête des Roses

August 23rd is the saint’s day of the first New World saint, Saint Rose de Lima.

Click here for Edith Piaf singing her “La Vie en rose”

Because of Piaf, « looking at life through rose-tinted glasses » is known world-wide but there are several expressions in French that contain the word “rose”.  «Les histories à l’eau de rose» are sentimental stories but the expressions are not always linked to love and romance.

«Fraiche comme une rose» is “as fresh as a daisy” or “as fit as a fiddle”.  But «Il n’y a pas de rose sans épine» means that, since there is no rose without a thorn, nothing is perfect.

«Envoyer quelqu’un sur les roses» means to send someone packing (no doubt because of the thorns)

«Découvrir le pot aux roses» is to find out what’s been going on, find the truth, uncover a mystery or let the cat out of the bag -quite topical in NZ at present.