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Le bouquet



Le bouquet

This is a very obvious word as we use it in English in the same way for a bunch of flowers.

In the kitchen, also, you have « le bouquet garni »   which is a bunch, of course, but of mixed herbs .

« Le bouquet »   is further used as the crowning piece,  or the finishing piece of a firework diplay, for example.  By extension, it is also used for a tuft of feathers.

« Un bouquet »   has a modern use with the meaning of package or bundle.  You can have « un bouquet de chaînes » (channel or TV package), « un bouquet satellite ou numérique » (satellite or digital package).

« Le bouquet »   as the way of describing the characteristic aroma of a wine or liqueur dates from the 1800s.

clump of trees used to be called « un bouquet »   but is now more commonly called « un bosquet ».    

If you’re buying a property « en viager »   then theinitial capital deposit, if any, is called « le bouquet »   .

Question: What will Carole Bouquet say when she is given a bunch of flowers? Absolutely not « C’est le bouquet ! »   - unless the gift is from someone who knows she is allergic to flowers!

« Ça, c’est le bouquet ! » means “that takes the biscuit /  that’s done it / that caps it all / that’s the last straw!