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Canal Boating in France

From Cushla & John

It is a pleasure to have joined Shelley’s classes again albeit briefly as we are about to depart for France again to stay on our canal boat, the Waitui, for the European summer.  Here are a couple of excerpts from our earlier experiences and travels.

Living life on a port surrounded by boat repairs is quaint in itself with a variety of people to meet daily.  Our French is needed much more than it was last year - and what we have learned has been invaluable!  Go Shelley!

And travelling…

Picture this?   I’m driving so it’s difficult to take a photo or video!....

John has set up his bike as an exer-cycle on a trainer, on deck and is peddling like crazy looking as though he is powering a paddle boat.  The few boats that pass us wave and cheer him on!  It is not at all crowded where we are.  The scenery is slowly changing as we drift along  the lazy Saone River.  Magnificent countryside with tree lined edges of the banks and the occasional picnic or camp site and fishermen dotted along under them.  Just Perfect!  Membership to this exclusive open air Gym came free with the boat - just bring your own sweat band and lycra!

Shelley was amazing in getting us started in the basics of French prior to our departure several years ago. Although learning French from scratch in later life has been a challenge for me, the effort has been so worthwhile and made so much fun by Shelley.   Her method of teaching is excellent. 

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