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Live like a local in France !

Provence-Dordogne-Loire Valley-Basque Pyrenees


French Cottages have sent us the link for their new website:

Of all of France's celebrated regions there are four that really stand out for their richness, variety and difference to any other place on earth: Provence, Dordogne, the Loire Valley and the French Pyrenees Basque. In each of these regions French Cottages have chosen the very best villages, 

All their properties are right inside the historic centres of fascinating living villages - 'inside the walls' - the best experience possible! 

Live like a local? What does that mean? 

Seriously, French Cottages invented this phrase 20 years ago and it has become a cliché others have ... embraced...shall we say. Basically it means that by avoiding hotels, B&Bs and having your own home base for your wanderings, only then will you discover the true joy of living in a real French village.

Check them out on 
or look at their downloadable brochure on

Don't forget to have a peek at their little section on Survival French

They can also provide some advice on buying a property in France...