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Two Cult Food Experiences to Tick Off

according to Qantas


 Chocolate and pistachio escargot @ Du Pain et des Idées, Paris, France

Considering the amount of delicious boulangerie dotted around Paris, permit us to utter 'sacre bleu!' at the thought of a Parisian crossing the city to frequent a specific bakery. Such is the offering of Du Pain et des Idées, fronted by baker Christophe Vasseur, where the thick-crusted pain des amis is almost always part of a Parisienne order. If you're stopping in though, you shouldn't miss the pistachio and chocolate escargot bun, centred with a slathering of pistachio and a sprinkle of choc chips.

Steak frites @ Relais de l’Entrecôte, Paris, France

For all the pomp of rich French food, the timeless pairing of steak and fries remains one of the country’s best culinary traditions. Relais de l’Entrecôte serves the combination with a healthy helping of ‘secret sauce’ (ingredients are rumoured to range from simple marjoram to chicken livers) so delicious, it frequently draws a crowd.

Just two of the 21 Cult Food Experiences to Tick Off on the Qantas list.