Aujourd'hui nous sommes le lundi 27 janvier 2020. C'est la fête de Sainte Angele !


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Festival de l'Insolite

Answers to questions.


1.  Pancake throwing, apricot stone spitting, jandal throwing (with feet), racing with pedal cars and beds on castors, egg throwing, beret throwing, duck dancing, crushing as many apples as possible in 1 minute with your biceps, creating the longest apple peel etc.

2.  Biggest group of people doing the Duck Dance

3. C'est la danse des canards 
    Qui en sortant de la mare 
    Se secouent le bas des reins 
    Et font coin-coin 

4. If you're too serious and don't enjoy a laugh, then stay away.

5. The town also organises an annual Walk for Health.

6. Play on the sound of words. Lit Mite = limite, Lit Coeur = liqueur, Lit Corne = licorne (unicorn)