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Quiz du 14 juillet 2018

but a little early


The Quiz has happened. We had great fun.

CLICK HERE if you missed it & give it a try.

Bonne chance !

It’s French Quiz time again:

Question 1: Who was the French President before Macron ? a) De Gaulle  b)  Sarkozy   c) Hollande ?

Question 2: Which of the following regions do you MOST associate with white wine?  a) Bordeaux  b) Alsace  c)  Burgundy ?

Question 3:  What is the connection between the Astrolabe Reef and Welcome Bay’s  D’Urville Way ?

Yes, some of the questions are multi choice and some do require an answer, but, if you’re a quiz junkie, interested in things French and looking for a fun evening served with coffee and a delicious dessert, then come along to our annual Bastille Day French Quiz to be held a little early this year on Thursday July 12th. Questions are in English but for those who wish to self test their knowledge of the French language, there’s a French version as well.  However, very sorry, still no prizes of trips to Paris or Noumea.

DateThursday July 12th 2018  (Pre- Bastille Day this year)

Venue: Ohauiti Hall, 459 Ohauiti Road, just after Boscabel.

Quiz Start Time: 7pm

Cost: $15 - This covers the quiz, coffee and dessert.  
Bring: Yourself, your friends, your partners, in fact anyone who wants to have fun and discover what they know about all things French.

Format: Tables of 4-6 people (not necessarily pre-arranged). Questions are about France, French things, Francophone countries and Franco-NZ links. Questions are in both French and English so no French language knowledge and no dictionaries are required.  Lots of multiple choice questions plus some that require answers. 

No laptops or other digital devices please.

Email  Shelley or phone 544 9557 for details and to register your interest.


By the way,  the answers are 1. C  2.  B  and 3. D’Urville was a French explorer, his boat was the Astrolabe. (The boat nearly ran aground on the reef in 1827, hence the name.)