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Films pour les francophones

Rialto French Connection Movies


Info received Thursday 9th December from Rialto Tauranga

Love Crime

No Comps - (M) Contains Violence, Offensive Language & Sex Scenes - 106mins - Thriller/Drama  - FRA - French with English subtitles.
This French thriller is a tale of office politics, played out by two ruthless executives – the billingual Kristin Scott Thomas and Ludivine Sagnier. With ambition and jealousy oozing from their pores, the pair slide from competitive colleagues to bitter enemies.
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Thursday 9th: 11:00, 5:20.  Friday 10th: 11:00, 5:20. Saturday 11th: 11:00, 5:20. Sunday 12th: 11:15. Monday 13th: 3:00, 8:20. Tuesday 14th: 10:20, 12:30, 5:45, 8:15.  Wednesday 15th: 3:00, 8:45pm.

La Danse - Paris Opera Ballet

No Comps - (E) - 158mins - Doco  - USA
In La Danse: The Paris Opera Ballet, his 36th documentary in more than 40 years, Frederick Wiseman takes his camera into the stately and elegant Palais Garnier in Paris, observing rehearsals, staff meetings and, finally, performances of seven dances, including classics like The Nutcracker and spiky new work by younger choreographers.
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Friday 10th: 1:30. Sunday 12th: 1:45. Monday 13th: 5:15. Tuesday 14th: 2:40.  Wednesday 15th: 11:30.

Les Misérables in Concert

No Comps - (E)  - 180mins - 1 Intermission - GBR 4 Stars TV3
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Les Misérables' premiere at the Barbicon, London, this is a recording of a gala performance at London's O2 theatre. Note: Special ticket prices apply.
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Thursday 9th: 1:30. Saturday 11th: 1:30.  Monday 13th: 11:25. Wednesday 15th: 5:15.