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Macron in the Marquesa Islands




1. What name was given to President Macron ?
The big chief who wlks and goes far
2. How many Presidents have already been to the Marquesa Islands ?
None.  Macron is the first. 
3. Why did President Macron visit the Calvaire cemetery ?
To pay his respects to  Paul Gauguin, the painter and Jacques Brel, the born in Belgium singer, who are buried there.
4. What percentage of the inhabitants of the islands came to the welcoming ceremony ?
25%. 10 000 population. 2000 spectators and close to 500 dansers etc.
5. What was the twofold focus of the event ?
Honour the President and pressure for support for their World Heritage application
6. What kind of cultural activities were presented ?
Different dances from the different islands, music & songs, haka type welcome, story tellers.
7. What did President Macron do after the welcome ?
Went on a walkabout, discussed tattoos, shook hands, accepted floral and shell necklaces, posed for selfies, & helped with support video for job seeker.
8. Why did the Mayor stop the walkabout ?
She said that the meal was going to burn if they didn't.


Match the highlighted words in the text with the following meanings.

deny  démentir -  honed  peaufiné  -  change of scenery le dépaysement -  pay respects to se recueillir  -  support   soutien -   wooded  boisé -  encircled  ceint-  momentum  l'élan -  woven tressé  -  challenge  l'enjeu -  enchanting envoûtant -  walkabouts  des déambulations -  world heritage  le patrimoine mondial  - raucous  rauque - spread over oneself  se tartiner - pull your tummies in  Rentrez les ventres !  - in the line of fire en ligne de mire  - marine rescue  secours en mer