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1. Who are the latest people to join the campervan holidaymakers ?
    Young parents and students are now joining the seniors.

2. What does Éric Moulinet do as a job ?
    He sells and hires out both new and used campervans.
3. What nationality are these travellers ?
    They are from all over Europe, not just France.
4. What are the attractions of a campervan ?
    They are cheap, safe and Covid compatible. People eat, sleep, wash and shelter in their own private bubble.
5. What were Fred and Marie looking for ?
    They were looking for peace, space and nature.
6. What were they worried about ?
    They thought their 2 teenage children might have issues.
7. What happens to the campervan when they aren't using it ?
    The co-owners use it or they hire it out on the equivalent of NZ TradeMe.
8. How do new campervanners differ from the usual ones ?
    The new ones are looking for a cheap place to park overnight. They bring their own food, don't participate in holiday park activities & will leave if they don't like the place.
9. How did Éloïse fit out her Fiat ?
    She fitted it out with a plywood base for a mattress and some shelves.
10. When does she drive off and follow that 'ribbon of bitumen' ?
    If she gets the blues or if she doesn't like where she's at.


Match the highlighted words in the text with the following meanings.

infatuation:  un engouement  - campervanner   un(e) camping-cariste -  unexpectedly  contre toute attente  -  renovate   retaper  -  rush in débouler  -   make the leap/take the plunge  sauter le pas -  pack up & leave  plier bagages -  exchange  troquer -  join in  adhérer -  tame apprivoiser -  pester/annoy  casser les pieds  -  start se mettre à -  find irresistible  craquer pour - not know where to turn ne pas savoir où donner de la tête  - enthusiasts  des adeptes  - find something to suit  trouver son compte - a drive around  faire une virée -  to be out of here   se casser - sputter  toussoter- sheltered  à l’abri