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Carnaval de Quebec

Quebec Carnaval

Visitors come from far, far away to the fairy tale setting of the world’s largest winter festival.  Thousands of travellers inundate Quebec City to experience two weeks of winter celebrations. There are events for everybody to enjoy, including a colourful night parade, an international snow sculpture competition, themed parties and winter sports.

The Plains of Abraham is the centre of the revelry. Its snowy surface is transformed into an oversized winter playground. There is a life-sized foosball table, giant snow slides and at its centre is the most notable feat of snowy architecture: the magnificent ice palace.

The palace is home to the King of the Carnival, Bonhomme, and is said to have taken two months to create and be made of 9000 tons of snow.

Bonhomme, the 2.1m snowman, comes to life every year to host the carnival and has done so since 1955 when the carnival was first moved to Quebec City. Its traditions date back to 1894 when pre-Lenten celebrations were used as an excuse to party and bring cheer to the mid-winter gloom.

If you plan on attending the carnival is a good time to see Quebec, a quintessential city commonly referred to as ‘more French than France’.

If you plan on attending make sure you bring warm clothes for the freezing temperatures and wind chills.

When: 28 January – 13 February

What: Carnaval de Quebec

Where: Quebec City, Canada

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