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Pas besoin d'aide. Merci.

No help needed thanks.


French artist Julien  Berthier has designed a fully functional boat to  look as if it is sinking. The 6..5m (21ft) yacht  was cut in half with a new keel and motor added  so it remains in the sinking position while  being fully functional. He describes it as "the  permanent and mobile image of a wrecked ship  that has become a functional and safe leisure  object."

Berthier has taken the boat  (or should I say half-a-boat) across the English  Channel to London and has toured it around   Europe , getting plenty of offers of assistance  from unwitting good Samaritans, who would  presumably be either very annoyed or rather bemused by the contraption.
The designer and artist  designed and built the floating installation in  2007. He named his creation Love  Love.  The Love Love was built to look as if it is sinking.