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Au cinéma cette semaine

This week at the movies


Movies on at the Rialto Cinema in Tauranga on 18th April 2011.  Also showing is the French movie Sarah's Key.

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Mozart's Sister

French drama about Wolfgang Mozart's elder sister, Nannerl (Marie Féret). Beginning in 1763, it follows the Mozart family's life on the road, travelling by coach from one royal court to the next.

Wolfgang (David Moreau), is a young prodigy, but Nannerl is also accomplished as a singer, harpsichordist and violinist. Her father bows to social strictures "for her own good," refusing to let her continue with the violin or compose, but Nannerl chafes at the limitations imposed by her gender.



World Cinema, True Story, Music, Historical, Drama

Country Of Origin: France

Language: French with English subtitles

Starring  Marie Féret , Marc Barbé, Delphine Chuillot, David Moreau, Clovis Fouin, Lisa Féret

Directed by  René Féret ('Comme une étoile dans la nuit', 'Il a suffi que maman s'en aille...')

Written by René Féret





(M) Contains offensive language & sexual references

In this French comedy, the charming Alex and his sister run a business designed to break up relationships.  They find themselves up against the clock when, hired by a rich man to break up the weddding f his daughter Juliette, they only have one week to do so.  To make matters worse, Juliette is beautiful, feisty and independent.  And in the world of romantic comedy - that spells trouble.


World Cinema, Romantic Comedy

Country Of Origin: France, Monaco

Language: French, English, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic and Mandarin with English subtitles

Starring  Romain Duris , Vanessa Paradis, François Damiens, Héléna Noguerra, Julie Ferrier, Andrew Lincoln

Directed by  Pascal Chaumeil (feature debut)

Written by Laurent Zeitoun, Jeremy Doner, Yohan Gromb


Certified Copy

"Cannes 2010 was the year of Juliette Binoche. She graced the Festival’s poster; then she took the Best Actress Award for her role in this tantalising film. She plays a nameless woman who lives with her son in the south of Tuscany. British author James Miller arrives to promote his book, also entitled Certified Copy, a treatise about originality and copies in art and in life. She’s a journalist who writes about books and offers to take him on a tour to a nearby village so they can talk." (New Zealand International Film Festival 2010)

(M) 106mins

World Cinema, Drama

Country Of Origin: France, Italy, Iran

Language: French and Italian with English Subtitles

Starring  Juliette Binoche , William Shimell, Jean-Claude Carrière, Agathe Natanson, Gianna Giachetti

Directed by  Abbas Kiarostami ('10 on Ten', 'Taste of Cherry', 'The Wind Will Carry Us')

Written by Abbas