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Le mot de la semaine: Fourrer - Fourré


Le mot de la semaine:  Fourrer - Fourré 

The sweet-toothed will find the word « fourrée » all year round in «les bonbons fourrés » (sweets with soft centres), «les chocolats fourrés à la crème» (chocolate creams) and «les gateaux fourrés à l’orange ou aux fraises» (cakes with orange or strawberry fillings). 

It has the meaning of filled or more colloquially, stuffed, stuck or crammed so you can also use the verb form and «fourrer les mains dans les poches» (bury/stick your hands in your pockets) or «fourrer le nez partout» (poke your nose into everything).  

Perhaps you have a junk room in your house that’s «un fourre-tout» or else a large bag – «votre fourre-tout»  as well - that you stuff everything into except the kitchen sink.

However it is in the wintertime that the original meaning becomes more apparent. «La fourrure» is fur so your «gants fourrés»  (fur lined gloves) will be back in use and you will want to «se fourrer sous les couvertures» (snuggle under the blankets) when the chill sets in.