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Marion Arts

Singer - songwriter - musician


Check out when and where Marion is playing on her website

Si vous aimez les chansons françaises, brésiliennes et anglaises, Marion chante dans des endroits differents autour de Tauranga soit solo, soit avec un ensemble musical.  

(French Chansons, original, Brazilian repertoire, guitar music.....)

Marion presents her work solo or in a duo: “RHYTHM PALACE”.

RHYTHM PALACE are Marion Arts and Carlos Souza

Join Marion Arts and Brazilian percussionist Carlos Souza for a bit of jazz, a bit of Brazilian rhythms, a bit of French and a lot of fun! 

“ Marion’s reputation as a lyrical and moving vocalist and her depth as a crafter of beautiful songs are legendary among musicians New Zealand wide.” (National Jazz Festival, 2011).

Carlos is a dynamic percussionist from Brazil, at home with both contemporary and traditional percussion styles. His wide experience complements Marion’s originality nicely and they have a great rhythmic understanding.

The repertoire consists of original guitar and vocal music, French chansons, Brazilian vocal duets as well as new interpretations of the classisc jazz and pop repertoires. Stunning!

Marion Arts is a gifted singer/songwriter with a history of producing beautifully crafted songs. Starting her musical career in the 70's with seminal rock/blues act "Red Hot Peppers", followed up by several solo projects, Marion and husband Robbie Laven carved a niche for themselves with a combination of technical mastery, sensitive arrangements and enchanting melodies.

Style pretty much sums up Marion’s work, but to pigeonhole her is another matter - she is equally at home with jazz standards, lounge music, folk songs or her own brand of whimsically amusing comedy songs.

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