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La rue Mouffetard, Paris

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"On est dans une brasserie au bout de la rue Mouffetard où on passe un bon moment. Il fait vraiment froid donc on boit du chocolat très chaud."

Rue Mouffetard is the ancient roman road through Paris leading to Italy via Lyon. As you might imagine, it is cobblestoned and quite narrow.

The street's name comes from the word Moffettes, used to describe the putrid odours exuded from the Bièvre river, which joins the Seine in the here in the 5th quarter, and the stench from the tanning, animal skinning, and tripe-selling activities around the river in the 13th century. The Bièvre River still exists, though is nowadays buried in tunnels for its whole course through Paris.

The rue Mouffetard runs 605 meters through the Latin Quarter, and serves the neighbourhood as a delightful pedestrian-friendly main street, undoubtedly one of the most picturesque in Paris. Its open air market, shops, cafés, restaurants, and clubs keep this beloved street lively day and night, except on Monday, when many shops are closed.

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