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Le Lapin Agile: Safeguarding the Heritage of French Chanson


Cabaret and chanson singing! This is one cabaret in Paris where you'll feel comfortable bringing the kidlets. Unlike the Moulin Rouge, the Lido Club or the Crazy Horse this is no cabaret with nudity. Instead they specialize in chanson (old French songs) sing-a-longs incorporating a humorous cabaret style.

Incidentally, Picasso's painting of the place sold for close to $50 million USD in the '80s (you may now see this painting in NYC's Metropolitan Museum).

Au Lapin Agile marks its presence in the classic Paris Blues starring Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Sidney Poitier and Diahann Carroll. In the film, you see one couple walking up rue des Saules while another is walking along rue St-Vincent and they meet up on the corner!

Another artist closely associated with the Lapin Agile is Maurice Utrillo, Montmartre's bad-boy alcoholic painter & son of artists' model Suzanne Valadon, buried across the way in the nearby Cimètiere St-Vincent, close enough to still enjoy the music!

24€/person - includes show & 1 drink
17€/person - student pricing except for Saturday/holidays
7€ - additional optional alcoholic drink
6€ - additional optional non-alcoholic drink

No discernable dress code but I'd at least go with dressy casual.

Theme: Live Music

  • Phone: 01 46 06 85 87
  • Directions: Montmartre - r. Saint Vincent & r. des Saules Metro: Lamarck-Caulaincourt Across the r. Saint Vincent is the only surviving vineyard in Paris & across the r. des Saules is Cimetiere St. Vincent where Utrillo is buried. Open Tues-Sun 9pm-2am
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  • Other Contact: 01 42 54 63 04 fx#
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