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La ville de Sarlat

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"Je suis en France a ce moment,...dans une petite ville qui s'appelle Sarlat.  Vous la connaissez?  Oh c'est si belle!

Anyone visiting the area should spend some time in Sarlat.

It is drop dead gorgeous!  A very clever architect had the bright idea of giving new life to an old church by first of all designing tall 7 ton doors (full height of the church and so imressive) which open each morning to a covered market within.

Then he found a great use for the old church tower by designing an elevator which elevates the visitor several stories high, giving them a panoramic view over the entire town and surrounding countryside.

Fabulous markets Wed  Sat, and if you like foie gras, you will find yourself in heaven".

The town of Sarlat

Sarlat, the capital of the Perigord Noir, is situated in the heart of a forested area – to the east of the great region of the Aquitaine and close to the Dordogne valley

The name Sarlat itself, evokes both gastronomic and cultural pleasures. Its worldwide reputation is linked with its rich history from the Middle Ages onwards. Its evolution over the centuries has left it with an exceptional heritage.

Sarlat was the first place in France to be safeguarded by being restored under the Malraux law of 1964. Its classification as Ville d’Art et d’Histoire (Artistic and Historic Town), is testament to its high architectural quality. Its medieval lanes and its large, sunny squares, particularly lively on market days, create an agreeable atmosphere.

Since 1928, cinema producers have found the authentic surroundings a perfect backdrop for historic films. The guided visits to the town, given by the Tourist Office, offer an introduction into the history of Sarlat and the opportunity to discover the charm of this medieval city with its Occitan overtones.

Sarlat has been awarded the exceptional three star classification by the Michelin Guide, making it equal to Europe’s most beautiful cities.

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