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International Film Festival



The International Film Festival


The International Film Festival opens this Thursday at Rialto. This is our eighth year hosting the festival and thanks to a massive behind the scenes effort, it's our biggest and best one ever!

39 films! 86 sessions! 21 days! It doesn't get any better than this!

Details on all the films are listed below. As ususal, we reward those that book early with allocated seats to all sessions. So get your tickets early and get the best choice of seats.

Buy your tickets online, or give us a call (5770445) and we'll book your tickets over the phone.

Noteable films in the first week that are fulling up include Behind The CandelabraThe PastThe Human Scale and Like Father Like Son.

I look forward to seeing you during the festival.

Regards, Clayton


Behind the Candelabra


(M) contains sex scenes,offensive language and drug use - 1hr 59mins - USA - Biography, Drama, True Story, Romance

Before Elvis, before Elton John, Madonna and Lady Gaga, there was Liberace: virtuoso pianist, outrageous entertainer and flamboyant star of stage and television. A name synonymous with showmanship, extravagance and candelabras, he was a world-renowned performer with a flair that endeared him to his audiences and created a loyal fan base spanning his 40-year career.

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Thursday 12 Sep 6:15pm

Friday 13 Sep 3:30pm

                                              Sunday 15 Sep 7:30pm


North by Northwest


(G) - 2hrs 16mins - USA - Adventure, Mystery, Thriller, Classic

A suspense film by Alfred Hitchcock produced at MGM. It was premiered in the San Sebastian International Film Festival. It is a tale of mistaken identity, with an innocent man pursued across America by agents of a mysterious organization who want to stop his interference in their plans to smuggle out some microfilm. The film stars Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, James Mason, Leo G. Carroll, and Martin Landau. The screenplay was written by Ernest Lehman, who wanted to write "the Hitchcock picture to end all Hitchcock pictures." It is one of several Hitchcock movies with a film score by Bernard Herrmann. The film features a famous title sequence by the graphic designer Saul Bass.

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Friday 13 Sep 11:00am

                                              Saturday 14 Sep 3:15pm

                                              Sunday 15 Sep 2:45pm


The Weight of Elephants


(M) Content may disturb - 1hr 23mins - NZ - Drama

Sensitive 11 year old Adrian is struggling with his fears and anxieties since the disappearance of three kids in his small town. Then one day he meets Nicole, a mysterious, crazy, frightening, wonderful girl who moves in next door with her little sister and brother. They might just be everything Adrian ever wanted.

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Friday 13 Sep 6:00pm

Monday 16 Sep 4:00pm


The Past


(M) Adult themes - 2hrs 10mins - France, Italy - Drama, World Cinema - French and Persian with English subtitles

The great Iranian director Asghar Farhadi turns his attention to a Parisian household in a drama as intimate and gripping as his A Separation. Bérénice Bejo (The Artist) in the pivotal role took the Best Actress Award at Cannes 2013. Almost as soon as we see Marie (Bejo) picking up her estranged Iranian husband Ahmad (Ali Mosaffa) at Charles de Gaulle Airport, they start bickering like – well, like a married couple. Indeed my immediate thought was less ‘Oh, that’s why they broke up’ than ‘These two are totally not over each other’. Indeed, Marie’s new boyfriend, Samir (the terrific French actor Tahar Rahim), picks up on it right away… Officially, Ahmad is coming back from Iran for a brief visit, just to sign the divorce papers and end on a clean and friendly note… Ahmad has no idea what he’s walking into after four years away, and Farhadi delivers the truth about this overly complicated family situation in modest doses of dry comedy… It plays out against an intensely realistic portrayal of life in the multicultural Paris suburbs, with an episodic structure that keeps focusing your attention on a different member of the central adult triangle, each of whom is at fault in some ways.

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Friday 13 Sep 8:00pm

Monday 16 Sep 11:00am


Antarctica: A Year on Ice


(E) - 1hr 32mins - NZ - Documentary

Filling the giant screen with stunning time-lapse vistas of Antarctica, and detailing year-round life at McMurdo and Scott Base, Anthony Powell’s documentary is a potent hymn to the icy continent and the heavens above.

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Saturday 14 Sep 11:00am

Sunday 15 Sep 5:30pm

Monday 16 Sep 6:00pm

Tuesday 17 Sep 4:00pm


Stories We Tell


(TBC) - 1hr 48mins - Canada - Documentary

Actress and director Sarah Polley turns documentary maker to give us a surprising portrait of her own family. “An invigorating powerhouse of a personal documentary, adventurous and absolutely fascinating.” — LA Times

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Saturday 14 Sep 1:00pm

Wednesday 18 Sep 11:00am




It Boy


(M) contains drug use, sexual references - 1hr 32mins - France - Comedy, Romance, World Cinema - French, English, with English subtitles

In writer-director David Moreau’s hit romantic comedy, the age difference that has characterised a century of French cinema is reversed: 38-year-old fashion editor Alice (Virginie Efira) is romanced by 20-year-old architecture major Balthazar (Pierre Niney) – and it all bubbles along very well indeed. The dialogue is smart, the comic timing well-tuned and the leading duo, both decidedly charming, makes a great match. Niney, the youngest actor ever to be made a member of the Comédie-Française, and soon to be on screen as Yves Saint Laurent, is pretty irresistible: his Balthazar is a very decent, gallant creature. Fortunately the fanciful, lighthearted comedy doesn’t entirely depend on the difference in age, because it’s not so easy to believe there is a 20-year gap, or that Balthazar is only 20. (In real life, only ten years separate the actors.) There are some good jabs about fashion magazine land, the cult of youth and hipness, not to mention middle-aged men and their apparently not-so-outrageous penchant for younger women. And our leading couple does not get punished. Yay!

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Saturday 14 Sep 6:00pm

Tuesday 17 Sep 11:00am


Utu Redux


(M) Violence - 1hr 58mins - NZ - Adventure, Drama, War, Classic

The glorious peak achievement of the new feature film culture that burgeoned in NZ in the 70s, Geoff Murphy’s 1983 Land Wars epic has been restored, digitised and unveiled afresh in its ravishing, pictorial splendour.

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Saturday 14 Sep 8:00pm

Monday 16 Sep 8:00pm




Black Fish


(M) Contains content may disturb - 1hr 23mins - USA - Documentary, Drama - English, Spanish, with English subtitles

Blackfish is the Inuit name for orca. Tilikum, the protagonist of this compelling and highly informative exposé, is a six-ton bull orca who made headlines in February 2010 when he dragged an experienced Orlando Sea World trainer to her death. Under considerable pressure to deal with the apparently vicious ‘killer whale’ Sea World instead attributed their dedicated employee’s death to ‘trainer error’. Filmmaker Gabriela Cowperthwaite investigates the fallout from this contentious finding. She uncovers wilful ignorance of Tilikum’s violent past and delves into the self-serving mythologies constructed around their star attractions by the sea park industry. Ex-trainers speak with love and wonder about the whales they’ve tended and performed with. They admit their deep embarrassment at having actually swallowed and regurgitated the company line: that orcas are better off and assured of longer lives in captivity – thanks to the excellent veterinary care. Could it be, though, that traumatic separation from its clan, or confinement to a tank, might render one of these mighty beasts hostile to its keepers? Sea World is well practised at denying either possibility. Buoyed by breathtaking testimony to orca life in the wild, Blackfish offers eloquent rebuttal of their show business cynicism.

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Sunday 15 Sep 11:00am

Thursday 19 Sep 4:00pm


The Human Scale


(TBC) - 1hr 23mins - Denmark - Documentary

As we move from the age of the megacity to the gigacity, Andreas Dalsgaard takes us on a chaptered journey, from Copenhagen through New York, LA, Chongqing, Siena, Melbourne and Dhaka to, yes, Christchurch, examining urban issues and challenges. The story is told through the (metaphoric) lens of Jan Gehl, the Danish guru of urban design and consultant to cities worldwide – including, in the last decade, both Auckland and Christchurch. Gehl has been studying urban environments for fifty years, observing people instead of cars, pedestrians not traffic, claiming, ‘first we shape our cities then our cities shape us’.

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Sunday 15 Sep 1:00pm

                                              Tuesday 17 Sep 6:00pm


New Zealand`s Best


(R16) - 1hr 26mins - NZ

I’m Going to Mum’s NZ 2013. Director/Screenplay: Lauren Jackson Producers: Jeremy Macey, Andrew Cochrane Festivals: Berlin, San Francisco 2013. 13 mins Torn between his separated Mum’s and Dad’s, what’s a kid going to wear? Truly original. It builds from a simple, charming and wryly funny premise to become unexpectedly powerful. Interim NZ 2013. Director/Screenplay: Dan Kircher Producer: Roimata Magregor. 15 mins Beautifully shot and constructed, this oblique, subjective memory piece gets inside the mind of a rookie cop. Tom’s Dairy NZ 2013. Director/Screenplay: Oscar Kightley Producer: Elizabeth Mitchell. 13 mins 1981. A summertime day in the life of a Samoan kid in West Auckland touches on wider conflict and grief. A simple story perfectly told. Blind Mice NZ 2013. Director/Producer/Screenplay: Walter Lawry. 15 mins A young woman gets caught between two men. This is very assured filmmaking. Anchored by three vivid performances, we`re thrown into an ambiguous triangle that has more going on than meets the eye. Here Now NZ 2013. Director/Producer/Screenplay: Chelsie Preston Crayford. 14 mins Perfectly calibrated and true, something pierces the boredom and unconscious dailiness of life for a young woman working in a dress shop. Friday Tigers (Ng? Taika o te R?mere) NZ 2013. Director/Screenplay: Aidee Walker Producer: Julia Parnell. 16 mins When a single mother creates a fantasy world for her three-year-old daughter, is there room for anyone else? Balances real world domestic/romantic turbulence with the gentlest kind of fabulism.

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Tuesday 17 Sep 8:00pm


Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song


(M) Contains violence - 1hr 37mins - NZ - Drama, Musical, Romance

Every generation reinvents Romeo and Juliet in a way that strikes a chord with its peculiar sensibilities, experiences and outlook. This, then, is Romeo and Juliet for the youtube generation, a film that plays off the wide-ranging tastes of a generation accustomed to taking the glamorous with the filthy, the comic with the tragic, the beautiful with the freakish, and the venal with the elevated.

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Wednesday 18 Sep 3:45pm

Friday 20 Sep 8:00pm


Like Father, Like Son


(PG) - 2hrs - Japan - Drama, World Cinema - Japanese with English subtitles

This beguiling, often funny family drama from Japan’s gentle master of the genre, Kore-eda Hirokazu (I Wish, Nobody Knows), centres on two families whose sons were swapped at birth. Winner of Best Screenplay, Cannes 2013.

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Wednesday 18 Sep 6:00pm

Thursday 19 Sep 11:00am






(M) Contains adult themes - 1hr 44mins - Spain - Drama, World Cinema

The year’s most acclaimed and fabulously stylish Spanish film transplants a classic fairy tale to 1920s Seville. “Lavishly upholstered in silvery black and white… a grotesquely beautiful new take on the Snow White fable.” — NPR

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Wednesday 18 Sep 8:30pm

Thursday 19 Sep 6:00pm




Charles Bradley: Soul of America


(E) - 1hr 15mins - USA - Biography, Documentary, Music

If you’re looking for a moving documentary that will also have you tapping your toes, Charles Bradley: Soul of America might just fit the bill. The R&B singer was the talk of much of the music world in 2011, with the 62-year-old singer seemingly coming out of nowhere to drop his debut (!) album No Time for Dreaming, to widespread critical acclaim, with the disc landing on many year-end top ten lists. But the journey of how he got there, and how he was making first steps as a musician when many acts are retiring, is all covered in the documentary by Poull Brien. We won’t recount the details here – best to save it for the movie – but Bradley’s life was one of hard times and tragedy, and yet redemption was found through the healing power of soul music.

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                                              Thursday 19 Sep 8:15pm

                                              Friday 20 Sep 4:15pm

The Selfish Giant


(R13) Offensive language - 1hr 33mins - UK - Drama

A film written and directed by Clio Barnard. Produced by Tracy O'Riordan Funded by BFI and Film4.

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                                              Friday 20 Sep 11:00am

                                              Saturday 21 Sep 6:30pm

                                              Tuesday 24 Sep 8:00pm


The Gilded Cage


(PG) Contains low level offensive language - 1hr 31mins - Portugal, France - Comedy, World Cinema - French, Portuguese and English with English subtitles

When hard-working Maria and Jose inherit a handsome property in Portugal, should they leave behind the lives they’ve made in Paris? A funny, warm-hearted and hugely entertaining upstairs-downstairs comedy.

More Info

Friday 20 Sep 6:00pm

Saturday 21 Sep 4:30pm

Monday 23 Sep 4:00pm


Soul in the Sea


(G) - 1hr 4mins - NZ - Documentary

Amy Taylor’s moving documentary explores the impact of Moko, a ‘friendly dolphin’, on the Eastern coastal communities he frequented in the six months up to his death in 2010. Foremost amongst Moko’s multifarious and delighted human companions is Kirsty Carrington. Her growing concern that he will fall prey to the same sad fate as earlier lone dolphins brings her into sharp conflict with the Department of Conservation, who discourage human intervention in the affairs of marine mammals. (DoC may wish that their Tauranga office had been provided with media training.) Meanwhile, Moko-mania proves disruptive for fishermen and small tourism operators get into scraps. Local body politicians position themselves around the ensuing conflicts so that Carrington feels her fears for Moko’s welfare have been shunted aside. Taylor, who has a background in marine biology, revels in the human interaction with the wild and playful dolphin – and appreciates how little needs to be said to convey the human capacity to abuse the best things that nature hands us.

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Saturday 21 Sep 12:30pm

Wednesday 25 Sep 6:00pm


Gardening With Soul


(G) - 1hr 36mins - NZ - Documentary

Sister Loyola Galvin turns 90 and shares insights on faith, ageing, compassion and compost. A NZ Gardener Gardener of the Year, Loyola’s commitment is to nurturing all living things, especially those which ‘don’t get a good start’.

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Saturday 21 Sep 2:30pm

Sunday 22 Sep 3:00pm

Tuesday 24 Sep 6:00pm

Wednesday 25 Sep 11:00am


The Bling Ring


(R16) Drug use, offensive language - 1hr 30mins - USA - Comedy, Drama, Thriller, True Story

Sofia Coppola (Somewhere, Lost in Translation) comedy-drama, starring Emma Watson. This is based on the lurid true story of a group of fame-obsessed teenagers known as The Bling Ring who robbed the homes of Hollywood celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton - in Hilton`s case several times. The Bling Ring stole around $3 million in cash and belongings from their victims in less than 12 months, and reportedly targeted more than 50 homes. As well as Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, their victims included Audrina Partridge, Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, and Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox.

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                                              Saturday 21 Sep 8:30pm

                                              Monday 23 Sep 8:45pm

                                              Tuesday 24 Sep 4:00pm


Ernest & Celestine


(G) - 1hr 15mins - France, Belgium - Animated, Family, Kids, World Cinema

Normally speaking, bears live above ground and mice live below, and they don’t get along at all. Brought together by chance, young Celestine, a plucky little mouse trying to avoid a career in dentistry, and grumpy Ernest, a big bohemian bear, form an improbable friendship. The two soon overcome their natural enmity by celebrating self-expression, living as outcasts on the run and creating la vie boheme in a winter cottage. But it isn’t long before their friendship is put on trial by their respective bear-fearing and mice-eating communities.

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Sunday 22 Sep 11:00am


Fill the Void


(M) - 1hr 30mins - Israel - Drama, World Cinema - Hebrew with English subtitles

Fill the Void tells the story of an Orthodox Hassidic family from Tel Aviv. Eighteen-year-old Shira is the youngest daughter of the family. She is about to be married off to a promising young man of the same age and background. It is a dream-come-true, and Shira feels prepared and excited.

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Sunday 22 Sep 1:00pm

Wednesday 25 Sep 4:00pm



The Great Beauty


(M) Contains nudity - 2hrs 20mins - Italy, France - Comedy, Drama, World Cinema - Italian with English subtitles

Direct from Cannes, an intoxicating contemporary take on La dolce vita by director Paolo Sorrentino. “Gorgeous… the movie wants to drown itself in Rome’s fathomless depths of history and worldliness.” — The Guardian

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Sunday 22 Sep 5:00pm

Monday 23 Sep 11:00am6:00pm




The Summit


(PG) Contains offensive language - 1hr 44mins - Ireland, UK - Documentary

“Mixing archival footage with glorious footage of the mountains themselves… This document of the notorious quest to the top of K2 in 2008, considered more daunting than Everest, is a heart-throbbing experience.” — Hollywood Reporter

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Sunday 22 Sep 8:00pm

Thursday 26 Sep 3:45pm






(M) Contains violence, sexual references - 2hrs 10mins - USA - Drama

A first-rate adventure film about two teenage Arkansas boys – Ellis, who lives on a houseboat with his warring parents, and Neckbone, who is being raised carelessly in a trailer by his scapegrace uncle. They escape at dawn, hit the river, and discover a fugitive, Mud (Matthew McConaughey), living on an island in the Mississippi. Mud has long been in love with a white-trash goddess, Juniper (Reese Witherspoon), and the two cast-adrift boys, stirred by his situation and by their own need to know that love can last, struggle to get them back together… The writer and director, Jeff Nichols (Take Shelter), brings to the film [something a lot like Mark] Twain’s understanding of a boy’s best qualities – a love of adventure, instinctive loyalty, and generous chivalry.

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Tuesday 24 Sep 11:00am

Wednesday 25 Sep 8:00pm




(PG) - 1hr 45mins - NZ - Documentary, Live Performance

First performed in Paris in 1841, and based on a poem by Heinrich Heine, Giselle tells the age-old story of two star-crossed lovers; Giselle, a delicate village beauty who loves to dance and a prince, disguised as a commoner, is entranced and woos her away from her devoted suitor. They fall in love, but before he has the chance to disentangle himself from an inconvenient betrothal, his lie is revealed.

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Thursday 26 Sep 11:00am

unday 29 Sep 2:30pm



Twenty Feet from Stardom


(E) - 1hr 30mins - USA - Documentary, Music

A rousing music-filled portrait of some of the great backup singers of American pop, rock and R&B, with appreciations from Mick Jagger, Stevie Wonder, Sting, Bruce Springsteen and more. “An unexpectedly moving, often joyous triumph.” — Indiewire

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Thursday 26 Sep 6:00pm

Friday 27 Sep 8:00pm

Monday 30 Sep 11:00am





(M) Contains sex scenes, offensive language, drug use - 1hr 50mins - Chile - Drama, Romance, World Cinema - Spanish with English subtitles

“A divorced woman in her late 50s recaptures her life in Sebastián Lelio’s pitch-perfect, terrifically written Gloria.” — Variety. The enormously appealing Paulina García won the Best Actress prize at the Berlin Festival.

More Info

Thursday 26 Sep 8:00pm

Friday 27 Sep 11:00am

Saturday 28 Sep 3:15pm


The Broken Circle Breakdown


(M) Contains content that may disturb - 1hr 51mins - Belgium - Drama, World Cinema - Flemish with English subtitles

Music is the food of love and a consolation in heartbreak in the fateful romance of a seasoned banjo player and the new lead vocalist in a (very good) Belgian bluegrass band. A European hit rich in American roots music.

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Friday 27 Sep 3:45pm

Sunday 29 Sep 7:30pm




The Deadly Ponies Gang


(R13) Contains drug use and offensive language - 1hr 13mins - NZ - Documentary

All hail Clint and Dwayne, awesome pony-riding gang of two. Best friends who hang out on the rural fringes of West Auckland, they deal tinnies to pony club mums and bling out their own brave steeds with pearls, sunglasses and glitter. Their Maori friend Kody is busting to join the white-boy gang, but he’s only 12 so they’re holding him off for the time being. Community-spirited in the best gang tradition, they stage their own Christmas parade and hand out toys like money’s no object. Let’s just say these presents come from people who can afford more presents, explains Clint. Never short of a suave move himself when the ladies come to pat the ponies, he worries that Dwayne’s not pulling the way he once did. Maybe he can turn that around by getting young Dwayne a new set of teeth.

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Friday 27 Sep 6:00pm

Saturday 28 Sep 8:00pm


The House of Radio


(PG) - 1hr 43mins - Berlin - Documentary, World Cinema - French with English subtitles

Vive National Radio! Nicolas Philibert’s funny, affectionate montage of dedicated individuals at work in Paris’s massive Maison de la Radio is an audiovisual hymn to aural artistry and delight. A gleefully jaded news editor flips through the day’s grisliest headlines, a drama producer fine-tunes her actors like musical instruments, a chatty phone operator shrewdly susses out talkback callers, a Tour de France commentator rides pillion, Umberto Eco considers his next word, an Aussie hip hop band makes world music on Paris radio: the breadth of civilisation emanating from within these walls, and out into the world at large, seems infinite and exhilarating. Philibert is well established as a savvy chronicler of abundant life within closed environments (To Be and To Have) and the wealth of communication generated by sensory deprivation (In the Land of the Deaf). He spent months filming in the corridors, offices and studios of the building that houses several of France’s premier public radio stations, then distilled his observations into a typical day in the life – and an enchanted homage to intelligent life on the airwaves.

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Saturday 28 Sep 11:00am




(PG) - 1hr 38mins

Wadjda is a 10-year-old girl living in a suburb of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Although she lives in a conservative world, Wadjda is fun loving, entrepreneurial and rebellious. She's determined to fight for her dreams, which include saving enough money to buy a bicycle, so she can race her friend Abdullah.

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Saturday 28 Sep 1:15pm

Monday 30 Sep 6:00pm



The Best Offer


(M) Contains violence & sex scenes - 2hrs 4mins - Italy - Drama, Thriller, Romance

Giuseppe Tornatore (Cinema Paradiso) scored a hit in Italy with this romantic intrigue set in an international auction house. “Geoffrey Rush brings striking depth of character to a classic Old World mystery.” — Hollywood Reporter

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Saturday 28 Sep 5:30pm

Wednesday 2 Oct 11:00am6:00pm



We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks


(M) - 2hrs 10mins - USA - Documentary

Documentary-maker Alex Gibney delivers a gripping account of the wins and losses of hard-charging idealism on the front-lines of the information wars… Unfolding like an espionage thriller but with a methodical journalistic skill at organizing a mountain of facts, the film raises stimulating questions about transparency and freedom of information in a world in which governments and corporations have plenty to hide.

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Sunday 29 Sep 12:00pm

Monday 30 Sep 3:15pm





(M) Contains low level offensive language - 2hrs 10mins - France - Biography, Drama, Sport, True Story - French with English subtitles

The stirring true story of French show jumper Pierre Durand, his amazing little black gelding Jappeloup and their long ride to the Seoul Olympics. So expertly told it will have Kiwi audiences cheering for the French equestrian.

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Sunday 29 Sep 5:00pm

Tuesday 1 Oct 11:00am



Ginger & Rosa


(M) Contains offensive language and sexual references - 1hr 30mins - UK, Denmark, Canada, Croatia - Drama

Best friends forever, Ginger (Elle Fanning) and Rosa (newcomer Alice Englert) have grown up together and are now on the brink of adulthood, strutting their bathtub-shrunk jeans and flaunting their own brand of teenage existentialism. One fears annihilation, the other invites it. Ginger is preoccupied with the Cold War and the mounting threat of nuclear devastation. Rosa is defiant – her revolution is sexual – a form of protest that will irrevocably impact on their families, her future and ultimately, the girls’ friendship.

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Monday 30 Sep 8:00pm

                                              Wednesday 2 Oct 4:00pm


Only Lovers Left Alive


(M) Contains offensive language - 2hrs 3mins - Germany, UK, USA, France, Cyprus - Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance

A regular to Festival de Cannes, filmmaker Jim Jarmusch (Broken Flowers, Ghost Dog) received another Palme d’Or nomination for this story of a centuries-spanning romance between two vampires Adam and Eve, played by Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton. Co-stars Mia Wasikowska, John Hurt and Anton Yelchin. Set against the romantic desolation of Detroit and Tangier, an underground musician (Hiddleston), deeply depressed by the direction of human activities, reunites with his resilient and enigmatic lover (Swinton). Their love story has already endured several centuries at least, but their debauched idyll is soon disrupted by her wild and uncontrollable younger sister (Wasikowska). Can these wise but fragile outsiders continue to survive as the modern world collapses around them?

More Info

Tuesday 1 Oct 3:30pm8:00pm

Wednesday 2 Oct 8:30pm


Animation Now


(R16) - 1hr 31mins

Sonata Nadia Micault/France 2013/11 mins An absorbing, beguiling study of the pure beauty of human motion reimagined through possibilities that only animation can offer. Jailbreak Guusje Kaayk/The Netherlands 2011/3 mins Inspired by the eponymous jazz of Eric Vloeimans’ Gatecrash, Jailbreak whimsically bursts forth as a series of interconnected pentagons, each with its own identity – and will. TINAMV 1 Adnan Popovi? /Austria 2011/4 mins The cloistered interior of a pure white room is the perfect space to unleash a sustained, anarchic fiesta of stop-motion action. Tram Michaela Pavlátová/France/Czech Republic 2012/8 mins A voluptuously sultry tram operator resplendent in all her wondrously erotic wobbliness. The Triangle Affair Andres Tenusaar/Estonia 2012/11 mins A crazy-wild ballet of the strangest creatures getting a bit of after-hours cleaning done. Mound Allison Schulnik/USA 2011/4 mins An intense and macabre melange of plasticine animation. Solipsist Andrew Huang/USA 2012/10 mins A spectacular, surging forest of wearable art engulfs a willing duo of dancers before a plunge into a teeming liquid underworld. We May Meet, We May Not Skirmanta Jakaite/Lithuania 2011/6 mins The strengths and fragilities of parent–child bonds are tested against the background of a foreboding forest. Here and the Great Elsewhere Michèle Lemieux/Canada 2011/14 mins An ethereal world of ever-morphing imagery painstakingly hand-crafted from a pin-screen containing 240,000 pins. Oh Willy… Emma De Swaef, Marc James Roels, Ben Tesseur, Bram Meindersma/Belgium 2012/17 mins One of the most awarded animated shorts of the year. A film of translucent poignancy that explores the small, mismatched circles of life and death.

More Info

Tuesday 1 Oct 6:00pm