A Gourmet Destination

I recently spotted a series of cookbooks from New Caledonia with a play on words in the title.

The first was  Cuisine faim* facile en Nouvelle-Caledonie
Can you spot it too ?  The clue is in the asterisked word.

faim  = hunger, as is used in the common phrase j’ai faim = I’m hungry
However (1), from the point of view of pronunciation, faim sounds very much like fin which you may have seen at the movies and which means end.
However (2), in New Caledonia, fin is also used as an adverb meaning very, really, completely…
Fin colère = really angry , fin content = very pleased, fin prêt = completely ready, fin joli = very pretty …

So the cook book title means “Very Easy Cuisine in New Caledonia”.

There are two other books in the series:
Cuisine faim* bonne = Really Good Cuisine
Cuisine faim* valab =  Really Great Cuisine

Yes, valab’ is another Caledonian “specialty” word.  It is short for valable and in the Caledonian context means super, awesome, great…

And while we are on the subject of New Caledonian food, an article from Aircalin promises…

A fusion of exotic and classical flavours

Not only will you love New Caledonia’s postcard-perfect settings but you will fall in love with the island’s unique gastronomy. From restaurants to delicatessen boutiques, your palate will be thrilled.

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