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French classes 2024
Term 1 Face-to Face
February – April

Some of the information on this site is in French, some in English. If you do not understand the French, use your computer TRANSLATE button to get the general idea (please don’t die of laughter at some suggestions) – or send me an email. Je suis à votre service. Contributions in either language are most welcome.

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French With Shelley
Keeping Community Education Alive in the Bay

French Events

French Baking:  Baguettes & Bread Making Class

French Classes : Term 1 2024

French Movies : Through to 14th March

Petanque at the Mount:  Tues Sat Sun

Un condominium unique

A unique condominium

Le Sable Arrive

Orange skies over France

Réforme Orthographe 2024

French Spelling Changes

Quelques journées internationales : avril

International Days in April

Prix de la meilleure actrice pour Robyn Malcolm

Robyn Malcolm Wins Award

La Course des Cafés

Café Race

The Good Life France Magazine Spring 2024

Discover France

Chef néo-zélandais décroche une étoile Michelin

Michelin star for NZ chef

Je vends des robes – Nino Ferrer

I sell dresses - Nino Ferrer Song

La Chouette de Duolingo

The Duolingo Owl

French Film Festival Aotearoa 2024.

Festival de films français 2024

Journée internationale des droits des femmes 2024

International Women's Day

On Screen: To 11th March

Current Week

Quelques journées internationales : mars

Some International Days in March

La Bougie du Sapeur

Leap Year Newspaper

sadfrog le 19 mars 2024

Haka World Record

sadfrog le 17 mars 2024

St Patricks Day

sadfrog le 11 mars 2024

A Frog Song

sadfrog le 9 mars 2024

Le Restaurant Paul Bocuse

sadfrog le 8 mars 2024

International Women’s Day

sadfrog le 4 mars 2024

Tennis balls