Vonnas – the gourmet village

Are you a Foodie ?

Yes, then make room on your French itinerary for a visit to the gourmet village of Vonnas, a small town with some 3000 residents, about 50 km north of Lyon.

Village Blanc in Vonnas, in the heart of Burgundy is absolutely extraordinary. An entire village devoted to top notch cuisine, created by a 3 Michelin Starred legendary chef. Georges Blanc’s foodie village is like no other – hotels, restaurants, one of the best cake shops ever, chocolaterie, boulangerie, wine store, and more. A foodie’s paradise…

It is a tribute to Chef Blanc’s ancestors, to great gastronomy and to the products of Burgundy.

This week’s The Good Life has all the details.  Check it out.

Chef Georges Blanc

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