Quelques journées internationales : mars

  • Le 1er mars: Journée des compliments: Day of Compliments
    This is supposed to be “la journée la plus positive dans le monde”.  To feel good, human beings need recogognition and to be valued.
    Do it today, of course, but why not make at least one person feel good every day of the year.
    Want to do it in French ?  Here are some suggestions:
  • Le 14 marsJournée internationale des maths: International Maths Day
    This date was not randomly chosen. Think of how Americans write their dates (9.11, for example) and you will understand why it falls on this particular day and also why it is called La Journée Mondiale du Pi as well.
    À l’école, en algèbre, j’étais du genre Einstein, mais plutôt Franck qu’Albert. – Philippe Geluck
    At school, in algebra, I was a sort of Einstein, but Frank rather than Albert.
  • Le 27 mars : Journée nationale du fromage :  National Cheese Day
    General de Gaulle asked jokingly “How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese ?”  He was way off the mark. There are closer to 1200 that fall into 8 categories: –
    Fresh cheese, such as cottage cheese or the soft white fromage blanc, Soft ripened cheese, such as Camembert or Brie, Soft ripened cheese with a washed rind, such as Pont l’Eveque, Unpasteurised hard cheese such as Reblochon, Pasteurised hard cheese such as Emmental, Blue cheese such as Roquefort, Goat’s cheese, and Melted or mixed cheese such as Cancaillot.
    It is said that the casomorphin created during digestion can make cheese eating addictive but don’t let that stop you.
    In NZ, on ne va pas en faire un fromage (We won’t be making a fuss about it ) but do celebrate.
    Read all about French cheeses in the  Good Life newsletter :
    What cheese will get a bear down from a tree ? Camembert (Come on bear)
    What happens when there is an explosion in a cheese factory ?  There’s des bries everywhere.
  • Le 24 mars : Journée européenne de la glace artisanale :European Artisanal Ice-cream Day
    Each year a member country of the Icecream Makers Federation proposes a special flavour linked to their culinary culture. On this day, icecream makers all over Europe make that flavour. Belgium has proposed “poire royale”, France “pêche melba”, Germany “forêt noire”, Italie “tiramisu”, Netherlands “à la fraise & au yaourt” and Spain “mantecado”(shortbread).
    Anyone up for a local dégustation on the 24th ?