Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé

What’s so special about  the Beaujolais Nouveau ?

Beaujolais nouveau is a special variety of wine produced from the delicious jewel-like Gamay grapes grown in the Beaujolais area of France.

Such is the popularity of this vintage, that there is something of a competition to get the first bottles released for sale, and they’re always released, throughout the world, on the Third Thursday in November at 12.01 am. This is mandated by French law.

Part of what makes this wine unusual is that under the strict regulations on wine to be found in France, it is able to be sold in the same year in which it was harvested. Such wines are called vin de primeur, and tend towards grapes like the Gamay, capable of short fermentation while giving a rich fruity flavor sweetened by residual sugar.

En France on a annoncé:
Les jus de l’année 2023 se révèlent délicieusement souples, dévoilant pour les plus authentiques des arômes de petits fruits rouges acidulés, à mille lieues du tristement célèbre «goût de banane», qui a tant nuit à sa réputation par le passé.

Et au Japon ?