FFF Fly Funky Fly Game

Looking for a great Christmas gift ? Fancy catching some flies ?

Look no further than “Fly Funky Fly” -the fun card game for all the family.

The « Fart Fly » loves your horse manure! -The « Fishing fly » eats the remains of your fish and chips! -The « Flat fly » is a LEGEND – the Serial Fly Catcher missed her.  Each card tells a quick, quirky story. Combine your strategy skills with a bit of luck and play this hilarious card game. 15 minute bouts of craziness for 8 year olds plus, and 2-4 players.

The game was invented by ‘les Dubois’, a French family with 2 young sons living in Whakamaramara.  Each member used their particular skills as they together developed the game, which was inspired by a nightmarish period in France when they were invaded by flies.
“Le jeu s’inspire de notre histoire en France. Nous étions envahis de mouches : un cauchemar qui nous a apparemment marqué à vie !!  Mon fils (9 ans) a eu l’idée de créer un jeu de cartes et mon ainé (12 ans) à dessiner chaque carte. Mon mari est le joker du jeu “the serial fly catcher” et je suis le project manager! » says Audrey.

Heaps of flies make you crazy. You can draw a card from another player’s
deck, swap a card or your seat, block or reverse an action! Flies move from a
player’s deck to another at any time! The person with the least number of “active” flies at the end of the game is the winner and Best Serial Fly Catcher!  Specific cards, as “Funky Fly”, “Frustrated Fly”, “Frightened Fly” or “The Serial Catcher” make the game strategic !

For more info and to grab a game, contact Audrey Dubois:

Phone :022 502 1671
Website : www.fffcardgame.com
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Email : hello@fffcardgame.com

This is the creative family …
Ben, Matteo, Quentin and Audrey with the new game they invented, the Fly Funky Fly.
Ben, Matteo, Quentin and Audrey with the new game they invented, the Fly Funky Fly.
And this is Rebecca Mauger’s BOP Times article which explains how it all happened.

As a rule, flies aren’t the most inspiring thing in the world.

But for one French family from Whakamarama — flies were the catalyst for a funky card game they created together. They call it the Fly Funky Fly (FFF) card game.

It all started back in France when Audrey, Ben, Quentin and Matteo Dubois lived rurally next door to a lot of goats, sheep, alpacas and rheas as well as a habitat for zoo animals such as lions, tigers and moneys.

“We’d wake up in the morning and see a tiger next to your fence in cages … we didn’t really need to go to the zoo anymore,’’ Ben says.

While that was neat for their boys Quentin, 12, and Matteo, 9, to see the animals outside their door — animals bring flies. And the flies were relentless.

They could not barbecue outside because of the flies.

“You’d get loads of flies on your meat, on your face. Each time we’d have a barbecue we’d have flies up to the ceiling,’’ Ben says.

Audrey says they tried everything to restrict the flies.

“We had a pegola and put shutters on it. We tried putting a fan outside with water and ice because they don’t like the cold and wind.

“I tried painting my outside furniture yellow and in fact flies love yellow, they were all stuck to the outdoor table. We bought carnivorous plant as well … they don’t work.’’

“It might have caught about five flies a week,’’ Ben says.

Their funny stories about attempts to hinder the fly situation are now part of their new card game.

One day when Audrey was sick with Covid-19, she watched her “serial fly catcher’’ husband catching flies with his bare hands.

“He can catch 50 flies with his hand in few minutes … and I thought we should create a game with catching flies. The next day I said to the boys we can create a game as a surprise for Daddy.’’

Over the next few weeks they came up with a prototype.

Matteo had always wanted to create a board game and had experimented with his own creations. He decided they should create a card game, with strategy and some luck involved.

Quentin used his drawing skills and made the game unique by designing each quirky fly with its own personality. His favourite fly is the FFF mascot which is a cheeky fly donning heart underwear. He drew up all of Audrey’s ideas of flies based on all sorts of scenarios and situations.


All the flies have names (starting with F) and personalities such as funky fly, funny fly, frightened fly, fart fly, flat fly, fishing fly and more. The “serial fly catcher’’ is inspired by Ben.

The aim of the fast-paced card game is to have the least amount of flies as you can and offload your flies on to someone else.

The family has been in New Zealand for four years and further developed the FFF concept last year. They created a Kickstarter account and have sold their first 100 games.

“The best thing about FFF is the stories behind it are funny, the drawings are funny, and when you play it with your friends and family … you laugh. You can’t help it,’’ Quentin says.

INFO wwwfffcardgame.co.nz

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Website : www.fffcardgame.com
Facebook : @fffcardgame
Email : hello@fffcardgame.com