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Do you speak some French ?

Answer 1:  Err… No
Then why not join a Beginner French Course
From zero to survival in 10 weeks will arm you with the basics for surviving in a French speaking country – greetings, shopping, eating out, meeting people etc. – in a fun, friendly interactive way. Speaking even a modest amount of French has a tremendous pay-off in terms of enjoyment and interaction with the locals.

Answer 2: Err….yes, but not a lot, and it was a while ago…

Then why not slot into a Post Beginner French Course
Build up your confidence and extend your skills with lots of interaction covering useful social situations. Enjoy the rugby but enjoy France and the people as well.

Answer 3: Err.. not really but I’d be embarrassed learning with a group of strangers…

Then why not create your own little mini group with your friends and travelling companions ?
Learn together, build your confidence together, have fun doing it together.

Shelley is your solution !

Contact her on 07 578 9416 or email
Website with class details: