The Good Life France: Summer 2024

Welcome to The Good Life France Magazine Summer 2024.

Message from Janine, the Editor

I’m so thrilled to share this stunning Summer issue with you – it is chockablock full of absolutely fabulous features and fantastic photos, with oodles of ideas to inspire your travel plans and your day dreams. Whether you seek a city break, gourmet adventures, a seaside stay, country or village sojourn or to discover the secret and less well-known parts of authentic France – you’ll find all that and more in this issue. Plus there’s heaps of history, culture, mouth-watering recipes, guides and much, much more. And – it’s totally FREE.

Discover dazzling art-deco heaven in the city of Nancy in northeast France, explore sparkling Reims in Champagne, plus historic Arras in the far north. Find out where Claude Monet bought his famous water lilies from – after spotting them at a famous exhibition in Paris – a garden centre still going strong to this day in the south of France! Head to lovely Figeac in the Lot region, as well as to enchanting Vannes in Brittany, and float along the gentle canals of Alsace-Lorraine to discover the hidden gems of northeastern France.

We visit the world’s biggest Pastry school – cake heaven! And we check out colourful Toulouse and charming Troyes. Find out what goes on at a royal castle in Picardy that’s now a fun and fascinating city dedicated to the French language, and discover the artisan pastel company that made crayons for Degas and Picasso.

Paris takes centre stage in this issue – whether it’s your first visit, you’re on a budget or you know it well, we’ve got you covered with top tips for the best things to do and see in Paris – from the top sites to the secret places.

Want to know what a 15,000 egg omelette looks like? We can show you as that’s just what is made at a fascinating annual event held in honour of Napoleon Bonarparte in southern France. Discover how the concept of picnics started in France and was influenced by the French Revolution.

There are practical guides, property hotspots, and we meet the accidental YouTube stars renovating their home in Charente-Maritime. Plus, there are superb recipes from the crème de la crème of the French food world including a delicious Parisian custard tart and moreish cheesy gougères.

Just click on the link and you’ll be whisked off to 144 pages of France, the next best thing to being there.

Wishing you a very happy Summer !

The Good Life France Magazine Summer