WOMAD Festival 2024

The eagerly awaited WOMAD Festival has released its 2024 line-up, offering a glimpse into the musical diversity that will grace the stages in New Plymouth between March 15th-17th.

The festival is a unified theme of world music, arts, and dance bringing sounds, scenery and good vibes together for three epic days.  Held at New Plymouth’s famous Bowl of Brooklands and Brooklands Park, Taranaki; the park grounds transform to host one of the longest-running and best-established cultural festivals on the planet.

There are several artists with French and francophone connections:

Baaba Maal (Senegal) 

One of the standout artists on the WOMAD 2024 roster is the legendary Senegalese musician, Baaba Maal. With a career spanning several decades, Maal has carved a niche for himself in the world of Afro-pop and traditional Senegalese music. His fusion of modern electronic and traditional instruments and sounds has earned him international acclaim.

Baaba Maal WOMADelaide 2024

Braxe + Falcon (France) 

Braxe and Falcon, hailing from France, are often referred to as the architects of “French touch.” This house music genre gained worldwide recognition in the late ’90s and early 2000s, and this cousin duo played a pivotal role in its development. They have created a hypnotic new sound with mesmerising loops. Their early days saw them sample microscopic moments in tracks and transform them into something completely different. You won’t be able to stay seated for this performance!

Moonlight Benjamin (Haiti/France)

Moonlight Benjamin’s music is a unique fusion of Haitian voodoo and heavy blues rock music, and her sound is like no other. Born in Haiti and based in France, Moonlight Benjamin sings in Creole and her music brings an electrifying and otherworldly experience to the stage, merging traditional rhythms with contemporary rock elements.

WOMADELAIDE 2024 - Moonlight Benjamin

Tio (Vanuatu)

Tio, from the island nation of Vanuatu, represents the vibrant music of the Pacific with a blend of traditional and contemporary beats and styles. Tio is a multi-instrumentalist, easily switching between violin, ukulele, guitar, tam tam, djembe and bush bass. His performance will paint a story of his experiences living between Vanuatu and Australia.

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