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Answers To Maths Article


1.  la moindre erreur  means a) the main error  b) the slightest error
2.  parvenir  means a) achieve  b)  become an upstart
3.  confronté  means  a) faced with   b)  from the front
4.  tenter  means  a) glamping   b) trying
5.  confondre means a) from the foundry  b)  confuse
6.  buté sur means  a)  wrestled with    b) butted up against
7.  pour autant means  a) necessarily  b) in the opinion of the author 
8.  Has the equation dfdt=limh→0=f(t+h)−f(t)h been solved ?  a)  Yes  (according to the text)  b)  No.

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