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Quiz 2014: December


Here are some questions about French connections you read about/ heard about from the website in December.

Click the answer you think is correct.  Sorry, no prizes.

1.  What has been banned by the French Government since January 1st 2015?

a) Metro-Pop: no busking in the underground between 11pm and 8am.

Incorrect, sorry. You can busk in the metro as long as you don't break the sound level rules.

b) Coco Pops: no more importation until the sugar content complies to EEC norms.

Incorrect, sorry. Coco pops are on sale in every supermarket. Click here to play the Coco=Pop Jungle Game.

c) UberPop: car ride sharing service

Bravo! Correct answer. As is happening in NZ and elsewhere in the world, taxi drivers, in particular, are up in arms and the Government has legislated in their support. Click here


2.  What is Frunch ?

a) French classes at lunchtime

Absolutely true. Check out the class info here .

b) A typing error. It should read F R E N C H.

Sorry, incorrect. Try another answer.

c) Friends + breakfast + lunch = brunch with friends

c} Not correct sorry. You need the French connection.


3.  What do the French Canadians say for "selfie" ?

a) miramoi

Sorry, this is meaningless and incorrect.

b) ego-portrait

Correct and so absolutely perfectly true - better than the English word, I think. Click here for a heap of techno translations.

c) amiradier

This is incorrect. It's the really good Canadian version of "defriend"."Radier" means to cross off or strike off so it sounds like "get off my friend list".


4.  Where is Dan Carter racing to after the 2015 Rugby World Cup ?

a) Scalene

Incorrect: This describes a triangle with no angles or sides that are equal.

b) the Pentagon

Incorrect: This is a 5 sided geometrical shape.

c: the Hexagone

Correct: This is a 6 sided shape but it is also the shape of France and is commonly used instead of the name of the country. Click here .


5.  Saint-Remy-en-Bouzemont-Saint-Genest-et-Isson's claim to fame is:-

a) it is the commune with the longest name in France.

Correct. Find more about it here .

b) It holds an annual Snail Festival.

Incorrect, even though there are probably more snails than people living in the commune.

c) The local wine won an ad award for the most original/creative AOC label

Incorrect, I can't imagine trying to fit all that lettering on a label.


6.  Which food market in France has the name of a Michelin starred chef added to its name?

a) Bastille Market in Paris


b) Les Puces de Montreuil

Incorrect. Les Puces are the flea markets.

c) Les Halles de Lyon

Correct: The official name is Les Halles de Lyon- Paul Bocuse. Bocuse is a world famous chef from and based in the Lyon region.


7.  Which fact about the soon to be released French animated feature "Le Petit Prince" is NOT TRUE ?

a) Kung Fu Panda was made by the same director.

Not the answer. This fact is true.

b) Orson Welles attempted the first adaptation of this story in the 1940s.

Not the answerr. Orson Welles did attempt to bring this story to the screen but was unsuccessful.

c) The film was produced in St Exupery's birthplace of Lyon.

This is the Correct Answer. This fact is not true. The film was produced in Montreal, Canada.


8.  According to grandma, brewer's yeast can be used to make what ?

a) Home made beauty products including a great face mask concoction.

Sorry, incorrect..

b) A mosquito catching mixture.

Correct. Try it before summer is over. Instructions are here

c) A special alcoholic beverage that resembles absinthe.

Sorry, totally incorrect.


9.  In his list of 15 ailments, Pope Francis noted which type of terrorism ?

a) Gossip

Correct. Cowardly talking behind people's backs is the form of terrorism on the list. Check it out here

b) Hostage taking.

Sorry, incorrect.


Sorry, incorrect.


10.  You are on the receiving end of a French "dragée".  Are you 

a) testing air resistance in a simulator at the Airbus factory in Toulouse.

Sorry, incorrect.

b) being chatted up by a French person.

Sorry, incorrect, even though, "draguer quelqu'un" does mean to chat someone up.

c) eating a sugar coated chocolate or almond.

Correct. These sweets are often offered at weddings. Check here .