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Un Arras Tunnel… au bout du monde

Centenary Tunnel Opened in Wellington


Un Arras Tunnel… au bout du monde, pour le centenaire de la Grande Guerre 

Arras a désormais son tunnel de l’autre côté du globe, à Wellington, en Nouvelle-Zélande. Il a été inauguré dans le cadre du centenaire de la Première guerre mondiale. Au pays des All Blacks, ce tunnel vient marquer les liens qui unissent nos deux villes depuis la Grande Guerre avec la carrière Wellington et les tunneliers néo-zélandais.

Une cinquantaine de familles de descendants de tunneliers étaient présentes Un parc avec un mémorial ouvrira en 2015 juste au-dessus. Christophe Serieys, en tant directeur de l’office de tourisme, représentait la ville d’Arras lors de cette marche symbolique. Pro des selfies depuis le Main Square, il n’a pas oublié d’immortaliser ce moment historique.

Wellington Memorial Tunnel Adorned with Poppies

By Kristin Hall 

Wellingtonians have taken the chance to walk through a multimillion dollar road tunnel which is doubling as a war memorial.

The Arras tunnel, which runs under the National War Memorial park has taken two years to construct and opened to the public for the first time today.

It's named after the French town where New Zealand soldiers dug tunnels to lay explosives during WWI.

Descendants of the New Zealand Tunnelling Company and French dignitaries attended the opening ceremony.

"My father was a tunneller, I'm only one of two actual sons here today so I think it's wonderful, I found the service here quite emotional," Dick Martin said, adding the tunnel was "marvellous".

The tunnel is adorned with decorative poppies, which symbolise the 2721 New Zealand citizens killed during the Anzac campaign. Arts, Culture and Heritage Minister Chris Finlayson said the poppies were Sir Peter Jackson's idea.

"He thought it would remind people as they drove through what's up above, so long as they don't linger too long and realise they are driving," he said.

The National War Memorial Park is still under construction but will be completed before Anzac Day Commemorations next year. Mr Finlayson says the build is currently a month ahead of schedule.

The tunnel will open to traffic late tomorrow night, 28th September 2014.

By Kristin Hall 

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