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is one of those words whose meaning changes with the stroke of an accent or a grammatical form.

«Une pêche» (a peach) grows on « le pêcher » (the peach tree) but a person who wants to «pêcher la truite» ( fish trout) will go « à la pêche » (fishing). 

The expression « j’ai la pêche » is used if a person is “on form, fired up and full of get-up-and-go”.

PECHE with a circumflex (ê) is not to be confused with PECHE with an acute accent (é).

« Pécher » means to sin and you can « pécher par excès de modestie »  (be modest to a fault).

« Le péché originel» is of course original sin and « mon péché mignon» (my weakness or cute little sin) is chocolate.

So what is the lady above doing ?

1. demonstrating the length of the fish she's just caught 

2. demonstrating she is a very modest person

3. demonstrating how fit and energetic she is

4. indicating that sinners are welcome  ?