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Bonne fête Papa !

Fathers' Day


Bonne fête des pères 

Fathers’ Day in France falls on June 19th this year and the occasion has created the usual array of promotions and competitions.  One of the most popular has been that offered by Radio France Bleu Alsace.  The prize a race driving course in a Ferrari (vehicle unfortunately not included in the prize).

And the origins of  la fête des pères ?

Fathers were already celebrated in Roman times. Indeed, a ceremony took place every February in order to honor deceased ancestors.

However, Father's Day as we know it today was born in the United States.
It is said that after the sermon the day of Mother's Day in 1909, a young woman, Sonora Smart Dodd, proposed for the first time to celebrate Father's Day .Having been raised by his father following the death of her mother, she wanted to show her gratitude.
The father of Sonora Smart Dodd was born in June; she decided to organize Father's Day in his city on June 19.

In 1924 , President Calvin Coolidge supported on the idea of a national day of Father's Day, and finally in 1966 , President Lyndon Johnson officially proclaimed the " Father's Day ", the third Sunday of June .

In France, the cigarette lighter company Flaminaire was the first to promote Fathers’ Day and since 1952 it has been regularly celebrated on the third Sunday in June.  This is the day chosen by a majority of nations.  NZ, Australia, Fiji and New Guinea are the only countries to celebrate Fathers’ Day on the first Sunday in September.

NB: Vintage Flaminaire lighters are now much sought of collecter’s items.