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Spectacle sur La Loupiote

Show on board La Loupiote


On a voyage around the world with acrobatic shows on a sailboat La Loupiote will perform in Tauranga.

After having performed in France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Caribbean Islands, East and west coast of Canada and USA, Bermudas, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii Islands, French Polynesia..., French acrobats Delphine and Franck pulled into New Zealand for 5 month to present two unusual performances.

They created two silent productions initially for the Society of the old quays of Montreal (where the couple performed over 150 shows) inspired by circus, dance and theatre on a sailboat. They are using the mast, boom, rigging and other parts of their sailboat as stage to exhibit their acrobatics prowess.

Their first show, « the Sailors», inspired by Buster Keaton and silent films, is a parody of navigational manoeuvres that pokes fun at the mishaps of maladroit navigators.

The second show, « between wing and island » deals with male – female relationships in a spectacle of aerial choreography and acrobatics in a duet that ranges from love, humour and poetry to earth, sea and sky.

Date & Venue:  1st to 3rd March in Tauranga 3 days in Tauranga Bridge Marina

Time: 4:00 pm «The sailors» / 6:00 pm «Between Wing and Island»

The shows are suitable for audiences of all ages and last 20 minutes each. They are free, but the artists invite the public to make donations to help them and their two kids continue their great adventure around the world.

Additional information is available on their website for La Loupiote:

Contact: Franck and Delphine 02 23 42 68 49